“One school year = 180 opportunities”

With August upon us, the back to school commercials have started and it is time to start thinking about getting back into the routine of the school year. This also means it’s time to get those school supply lists and go shopping! (Seriously, where has the summer gone?!)

From paper clips and notebooks to folders and crayons, sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to remember what you already have, what you need to get and keeping these supplies organized throughout the school year.

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Two main things I have learned since my daughter started school is that, when I have everything organized and easily accessible, I am way less likely to waste money on things we already have and homework after school goes so much smoother.

And honestly, who doesn’t love a stress-free homework time with their kids?

So, before you send those little ones back to school and begin another year of learning, let’s look at 10 ideas for organizing their school supplies at home!

1. Labels

Can you ever have too many labels? Nope, didn’t think so! When it comes to organizing, especially school supplies, labels are your best friend. Label everything. Write names on the items. Go crazy!

2. Use a plastic shoe hanger for boxes of crayons, etc.

I know they may not be the prettiest things but grab a clear plastic shoe hanger, like this one from Amazon, to organize craft supplies that are in boxes. This could include pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers and erasers. You can also put paint brushes, tubes of paint and glue sticks in these hangers. Using a plastic one makes it so easy to see everything and know how much you have of each! (You can even put a label on each pocket, just saying!)

3. Use drawer organizers for inside desks at home.

My daughter has a desk in her room where we keep a lot of her art projects, books, workbooks, etc. Using a drawer organizer is the perfect thing to keep supplies organized in a desk at home. Would it be extra to send one to school for her desk there? Asking for a friend…

4. Create a command station.

Raise your hand if you tend to have supplies in all different places in your home! Pick one spot in your home, wherever you decide, and have all of the supplies there. Gather every single school supply and at the end of the day, make sure they all stay there! Check out this cute idea from Sprinkle Some Fun!

5. Use an empty iced tea mix container for pencils.

I don’t know about you guys but we are avid iced tea drinkers at my house! When I was done one of the containers, like this one from Amazon, I took off the wrapper, washed the container and put it on my daughter’s desk for her pencils. I love using things that I already have in my home for organization!

6. Organize folders and papers in magazine holders.

Sometimes, the amount of papers that are sent home that need to be kept straight can be so overwhelming! You can find these magazine holders anywhere, only $11.00 on Amazon YESSS, and they work great for keeping papers organized. If you have more than one kid, use those labels to mark each holder and keep papers separate. You can also use these holders for keeping folders organized.

7. Use mason jars for tiny art supplies.

Oh mason jars. You just make me so happy! Does anyone else have kids who love those small craft supplies? You know the beads and the buttons that they use for projects and artwork but usually wind up everywhere but on the project? Mason jars to the rescue! Choose literally any size jar and fill it up with all of the small art supplies you have in your home. Keeping them in one place just got easier!

8. Keep backpacks and lunch boxes on an over the door organizer rack.

Last but not least, get those backpacks off the floor and lunch boxes off the counter and in one spot with an over the door rack. When my daughter gets home from school, the first thing she has to do is empty her lunch box, put it away and hang up her backpack. She has one of these racks on the back of her bedroom door and it is so clutch! Especially with multiple kids in school, this is a great solution for keeping their backpacks and lunch boxes together and organized.

What is one way you keep school supplies organized at home for back to school?