“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…”-Lewis Carroll, ‘Alice In Wonderland.”

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When it comes to the holidays and birthdays, it can be a challenge to keep a decluttered and organized home.

For us, my daughter is so incredibly loved and friends and family alike shower her with gifts on her birthday and at Christmastime. I am beyond grateful that so many people love her and want to give her things but sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

We live in a small apartment that doesn’t have much storage so I tend to try and purge things before her birthday and work on making room for the toys and gifts that she receives.

Since embarking on living a more simple life, I am no longer keeping things in our home that don’t bring joy or add something to our life.

I have been decluttering each part of our home, little by little, and I am determined to continue that going even during the holidays or my daughter’s birthday.

This year for her birthday, we went very light on the gifts and didn’t feel that all too familiar sense of doom when faced with putting away all of her gifts. It was, quite frankly, amazing.

If you have a birthday party coming up or are getting started on early shopping for the holidays but want to keep the clutter down and give something different this year, I want to share with you eight gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys!

1. Highlights Magazine Subscription

We love Highlights at our house! I even used to get them when I was little. They have different magazines for each age group and they make a wonderful gift. My daughter loves getting mail each month and sits down to go through the different puzzles, etc as soon as she gets her magazine!

2. Movie Theater Gift Certificates

At most movie theaters, you can purchase gift certificates to the theater itself so the other person can pick what movie they want to see. Buy enough for parents and siblings so they can have a family day at the movies!

3. Bath Bombs

What a fun gift bath bombs make! They don’t take up a lot of space and they are perfect for a fun bath night. Usually once a week, my daughter will take a bath bomb in the bath with her and she loves watching them fizz and turn the water a different color!

4. Season Passes To An Amusement Park

We got this as a gift one year for our daughter’s birthday and it was such a wonderful present for our little family. If you have a boardwalk near by or an amusement park, this is a great idea for a gift!

5. Kid’s Terrarium

This terrarium is so cute and such a great gift idea! If the kids are younger, this is a perfect thing for a family to do together. With a few simple steps, the terrarium can become a pretty decoration in the home!

6. Paint By Number

We love crafts at our house and I love giving a craft as a gift for a kid’s birthday or a holiday! Paint by numbers are wonderful for kids of all ages and there are so many patterns and paintings to choose from. This is a great alternative to a toy!

7. Family Ice Cream Night

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Add that with family time and you have an amazing gift idea! Go to your local grocery store and grab toppings and cones for the perfect ice cream sundae. Then, head to the local ice cream shop and purchase a gift certificate for some delicious ice cream!

8. Bath Paint

You guys, no matter what age the kids are, bath paints are always a great gift! These paints don’t take up a lot of space and are so much fun for a special bath night.

What are some gifts you have given that aren’t toys? What about a gift your kids have gotten?