“So many toys, so little time!”

Can we just take a minute and digest the fact that it is already fall and almost time for all the turkey you can eat and Christmas movies?!

Okay, now that that is out of the way! Let’s talk about the pre-holiday toy purge.

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. The lights, the sounds, the joy. They all make me SO happy!

However, since embracing minimalism and being intentional with the things I surround myself and my family with, I have found myself stressing out about the gifts and the things that will find their way into my home.

This is something I struggle with because I love seeing my daughter’s face on Christmas morning when she opens that toy she has been asking for but the reality of filling my space up with clutter makes me uneasy.

That is where the pre-holiday toy purge comes in! 

First, let’s talk about what this is and then I will share with you five tips for being successful with this process.

So, what is this pre-holiday toy purge I keep referring to?

I had heard about this concept before but didn’t actually implement it until this past year. This year, I am going to go even more in depth and be very intentional with the purging.

It is a way to still enjoy giving toys to your little ones while not completely filling your home! (aka BRILLIANT!)

Basically, a few weeks before the holidays are in full swing, go through your children’s toys and declutter them. Let go of items that are no longer used and remove them from your home.

Even if you have already decluttered and purged toys, do it again. Do it with the purpose of making room for the new toys that will be opened on Christmas morning.

Yes, I too will be suggesting experiences as gifts again this year for my daughter. But, I know along with us, our loved ones will still buy her some toys and I am completely fine with that. Especially because I know I will have the space ready for these new additions!

Now that you know what it is, here are five tips for a successful toy purge before the holidays!

1. Start early.

The number one tip I want to share with you is to make sure you start early! This year, I am planning to begin purging the first week of November.

Give yourself plenty of time to go through everything so you aren’t rushing or stressing. The latest I would start this process would be at Thanksgiving time. This could also depend on the amount you will be going through. If you have decluttered in the past month, it may only take you a week or two to finish.

Evaluate how long you think it will take you to purge and go from there!

2. Include the kids.

I know it is tempting to get rid of toys while the kids are out of the house, I am definitely guilty of doing this, but I have learned that it isn’t the best way to go about it.

The best thing I have ever done when it comes to decluttering toys is to include my daughter. If your schedule is busy, set aside one day a week that you know you will all be home and get to work!

Give them the opportunity to voice their opinion and listen when they tell you how they feel about a certain toy(s). It’s okay if it takes them a little longer to let go of things! It is important for them to feel like they have a say.

3. Make a plan.

Before you begin decluttering, sit down and make a plan. Make a decision on what toys, or room, you are going to start with. Look at your calendar and see how much time you can devote to this process. Be as specific as possible.

Having a plan in place will take a ton of stress out of decluttering!

4. Talk about it.

When I first brought this concept up to my daughter, I was so worried she would have a hard time with it. But once I explained to her why we were doing this and how we were decluttering to make room for new toys that may come on Christmas morning, she was all about it!

I was completely open and honest with her and she was on board. If this is your first time decluttering toys, start talking about it nice and early and way before the actual purging begins. This will help them be more comfortable and even excited to help!

5. Donate used toys and make it a Christmas tradition.

For as long as I can remember, I have made it a point to talk to my daughter about how fortunate we are. We may not have it all but there are so many children who wake up on Christmas morning with no gifts under the tree.

Once we have decided the toys that will leave our home, we pick the toys that are broken or very old and we get rid of them. The others, we take to Goodwill or a Toys for Tots location and donate them to kids who may not have any toys. Some of them we even wrap!

Giving back, especially at this time of year, is one of the best things you can do. We will do the same thing every year and have made it a Christmas tradition!