“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices…”

In less than a week, we will go to bed and wait for Santa to arrive. We will set out cookies and milk and stay up extra late putting together toys and setting everything up for Christmas morning.

To say this season has gone fast would be an understatement!

I don’t know about you but I always feel like I have plenty of time to soak in every second of the holiday season but it seems to go by faster and faster every year. I had so many things I wanted to do and see this year but have only done one or two of them!

This year, my focus has been on creating beautiful memories with my loved ones. It has been about slowing down and being more intentional with my time. Let me tell you, it has been the most peaceful and calm holiday season that I can remember!

There are so many things we can get those we love that are not material items this Christmas.

I want to share with you a few things you can give your loved ones this Christmas that will mean more than any material thing you could choose!

The Gift Of Time

There is nothing more meaningful that you could give someone you love than your time.

Everyone is busy today and there are so many times where we are having a conversation with someone while also checking Facebook on your phone. (I am definitely guilty of this!)

Put your phone away, turn off the TV and spend time with your loved ones without distractions. Without having to rush off to the next thing. Talk, laugh, reminisce and make beautiful new memories together.

The Gift Of Giving Back

There is no better time of year to give back than during the holidays.

This year, give your family the beautiful gift of giving back and giving to those in need. If you look around you, there are so many opportunities to help and so many people who need it this Christmas.

Adopt a family. Help out at a soup kitchen. Buy warm coats and gloves and bring them to a shelter. Not only will it make someone else’s Christmas a little brighter, it will make yours brighter too!

The Gift Of An Experience

This is my favorite kind of gift! The gift of an experience.

Whether that is an experience that you are able to do with the other person or the gift of an experience for family members and their children, it all means the same. One of my best friends is giving my daughter tickets for the two of them to go see a show and out to dinner in January and I can’t think of a better experience for her.

Gifting someone with an experience will stay with them a lot longer than any material thing you could get them!

The Gift Of Your Words

I have a little story for you.

Before my husband and I were married, he went away to boot camp for the Marine Corps and was there for three months. During that time, the only way we could communicate was through letters. I wrote him every single day that he was gone and have every letter I ever sent him.

To this day, they are my most prized possessions. I will forever be grateful for the words we wrote to each other during that time apart and still read them today.

This Christmas, give someone you love the gift of your words. Get out a piece of paper or a card and write down how much they mean to you. Show them your love through your words. Send them your blessings for the season and the new year. Whatever you choose to write down, it is something they can hold onto forever and cherish for years to come!

The Gift Of Relaxation

We all have someone in our life that doesn’t have the time to relax and take care of themselves enough. This year, give them the gift of relaxation.

Offer to babysit the kids for an afternoon so mom can get her nails done or a facial. Go to their house and clean for them. Cook dinner and do the dishes for them on a weeknight when they are busy. It is so important to have time to relax but today, everyone is so busy and so many people don’t get to do this especially when they have kids.

For me, our closest family members live an hour away so I typically don’t get a night or afternoon to myself to go to the spa or go shopping. On those days when my husband and I get a date night or I get some time alone, I cherish that time and it refuels my soul. What a wonderful thing to give someone you love for Christmas!

What is another non-material gift you could give your family this Christmas? I would love to hear your ideas!