Clothes, shoes, accessories… oh my!

I don’t know about you but I love a good bedroom closet! But, for so many people that I talk to, their bedroom closet or their kid’s closet is a huge source of stress when it comes to organization.

And that’s where I come in!

Here’s the thing: organizing a bedroom closet can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. Which is why most people tend to put it off or completely avoid the space.

But, when I work with my clients on this space in their home, I break it down in a way that isn’t as exhausting. In a way that makes tackling that bedroom closet way more doable!

If you have been putting off organizing a bedroom closet in your home, you don’t need to anymore! I am sharing with you the 4 things for you to do, today, to fall in love with that closet again. Yup, only 4 things. Ready, set, go!

1. Declutter

The first thing you should always, always, always do when you are tackling an organizing project is to declutter the space. Take everything out of the closet so you can see every single item that’s in there.

Go through every item, one by one, and decide what you will keep, what you will donate and what can be thrown away. Be honest with yourself. And be ruthless. Only keep items that you love, need or use.

Consider the size of the space when you are doing this. If you have a small closet but a ton of items, then enough needs to go in order to correctly organize the closet.

2. Categorize every item.

Before you put anything back into the closet, categorize every item. Put shoes with shoes, bags with bags, tops with tops and so on. Stage these categories in the bedroom before doing anything else in the closet. This makes it easy to put everything back exactly how you want them.

3. Take measurements and decide on any containers, jewelry holders, etc

When you are organizing a space, even a closet, containers, matching hangers and other items make a space both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But, before you purchase anything to help you organize, you need to take measurements to make sure that everything fits.

Don’t go overboard! The more containers, the more items you are tempted to keep. Buy just enough accessories/organizational items to systematize your closet.

4. Put the items back in the closet in their category.

The last stop in organizing the closet is to put all of the items back into the closet by category. Since the items are already staged, this is the easy part! And the fun part if you ask me! (No? Just me?)

I know it may seem overwhelming when you think about organizing your closet but I promise, if you break it down the way I have for you, it won’t take you a ton of time and you may even enjoy the process!

Need help decluttering or setting up systems in your home? My 1:1 coaching program is the perfect thing for you! E-mail me at or check out my Work With Me Page for more info!