“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse

One of the most important aspects of social media success (& my 2nd favorite thing to do to be honest) is to have a social media strategy.⁠

When I first started out using social media, I was posting whatever, whenever and had no rhyme or reason to what I was posting. (Sound familiar?)

Eventually, after working under the most amazing Social Media Manager for awhile, I learned that I was going about social media the wrong way. And I started to develop a plan.

Now, as a Social Media Manager and Coach, I help small businesses, entrepreneurs and coaches build their own social media strategy.

So, you may be asking yourself, what is a social media strategy?

Simply put, it’s a detailed plan that maps out exactly who, what, where, when & why for all of your social media content.⁠

P.S. The more detailed, the better!

Your social media strategy should incorporate all of the platforms you are active on and any content you create.⁠

For example, if you are on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, then you need a strategy that includes each of these platforms.

If you have never created a strategy for your social media before, here are 4 tips for building one for yourself today!

Set goals

Decide on the WHY for your content on social media. What do you want to achieve? How many clients do you want to sign? Is your purpose to drive traffic to your website or to sell your products? Be specific with these goals and have a timeline for reaching them.

Learn about your audience

Ask questions, listen to what they need and create your content around that.⁠ Your audience is your main resource for the kind of content you should be sharing and if you’re not using their comments and engagement, you’re missing out!

Check your insights and analytics

Go through your social media accounts and use the analytics to figure out when the best time to post is, what type of content is successful and how to better target your content.⁠ On each social media platform, when you are set up as a business profile, you will find very detailed analytics. Check these AT LEAST once a month!


Decide on colors, design, aesthetic for your feed & your voice. And stick to these! Of course, you can always change your branding down the road but it can be a daunting task once your brand is established so make sure you feel aligned with what you choose. And create your content according to your branding!

Creating your social media strategy doesn’t have to be hard! Start with these 4 tips & go for it!⁠

If you need help with developing your social media strategy, fill out the contact form on my site or book a discovery call with me! ⁠