“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- Leonardo Da Vinci

If you asked me what the toughest part of decluttering and organizing my house has been, the answer would be simple: my daughter’s toys and craft supplies.

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I’ll be very honest with you, it has been the least enjoyable part of this process.

From my daughter wanting to keep everything under the sun, even if she hasn’t used it in 5 years, to finding the space to keep the toys and craft supplies that we haven’t parted with, it has definitely been interesting!

During this process, I have done tons of research and used trial and error to find it easier to organize the toys and supplies. Personally, I am someone who doesn’t like toys to be out in our living space, unless she is playing with them, and like to have them put away at the end of the day. (This doesn’t always happen but a mom can dream!)

Since we live in a small apartment currently, I have had to get very creative with organization. Between the tiny pieces from Playmobil to the 30 paint brushes, almost everything has a specific home now and is SO much easier to keep tidy. I mean, so much easier guys.

If you are like me and are on a journey to a more organized and minimalist home,  I want to share with you 10 items that will change your organization game and make a huge difference when it comes to kid’s toys and craft supplies!

1. Three Drawer Systems

If you don’t have any of these three drawer systems, put them in your Amazon cart now! These are so great for organizing anything and everything. One of the best things about these drawers is that they are clear so you and the little ones can see what is inside.

I have a large one in my daughter’s closet that has her shoes, legos and random toys in it. I also have two skinnier ones that has art supplies in one and doll clothes, wooden blocks and coloring books in the other!

2. Drawer Organizer

Raise your hand if your kids love crafts! Mine sure does and we have so many supplies, always. Drawer organizers are great for desk drawers and for keeping craft supplies in their place. These bins specifically are wonderful because they interlock and can be put together to fit any drawer size and space.

3. Labels

I personally believe that you can never have too many labels! (I know I am not alone in this!) One of the things that has made organizing SO much easier is using labels on every single container and bin so my daughter always knows where things go. They have a ton of different kinds, sizes and looks out there to choose from but I love the look of the chalkboard!

4. Toy Hammock

Stuffed animals can be super hard to keep organized and neat, especially when your kids have a plethora of them which I happen to know from experience! I have these exact toy hammocks in our house to hold all of the stuffed animals and keep them off the floor.

One thing we did was, we only keep what can fit in the hammocks. If that means we have to purge and donate some animals, then we do that. It has really made a huge difference!

5. Small Plastic Bins

For small toys like Barbie clothes, LOL Dolls, Playmobil and puzzle pieces, these small storage bins are perfect! Stackable, clear and sturdy, they make organizing toys so easy. Separate the toys and the little pieces into each bin and clearly label them so your kids know what goes in each bin. I found with bins these size that they are easy to find a place for, even in a small space like my apartment. Win win!

6. Small Linen Storage Basket

In my daughter’s room, I put a linen basket on the floor and I rotate books in and out of it or small toys for her to have in there. It is just the right size and can fit the perfect amount of books or toys in them. If you are looking for a pretty and practical way to organize some toys that can be in your kid’s rooms, definitely try out these baskets!

7. Hanging Shoe Organizer

You guys, if you only take one idea from this post, make it this one. A few years ago, when my daughter was really little, I saw this online and decided to try it out and my mind was blown! I have used these shoe organizers to hold Barbies and also to hold accessories for Calico Critters and Boxy Girls. These organizers are inexpensive, cute and can go on the back of the door in the kid’s room!

8. Craft Organizing Box

If your little ones love beads like mine does, you probably have already pulled your hair out and find them all over the house. Please tell me I am not alone in this! There are so many days when I feel like everywhere I walk, there is a bead on the floor. I mean, everywhere. These organizing boxes have made is so much easier to keep the beads away and organized. The compartments are adjustable and can be used for so many small toys or craft supplies!

9. Storage Rolling Cart

Like I said previously in this post, I like when my daughter’s toys and craft supplies are put away and not out in the living space so this storage rolling cart is perfect! Put your craft supplies and containers on the cart and you can roll it into the room when you are ready to craft. This cart is a great size because it is big enough to hold plenty of items and small enough to fit in a closet. Score!

10. Plastic Puzzle Case

Last but certainly not least is this plastic projector case that you can use to organize puzzles! These thin, clear cases can fit wooden puzzles in them and can be stacked on a shelf or at the top of a closet. Puzzles can be hard to keep all the pieces together and not loose any so these cases are absolutely perfect for organizing them!

Do you have any must-have items for organizing kid’s toys and craft supplies? I am always on the lookout for more ideas!